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Recruiting, managing, and training sales teams is one of the most painful parts of business. Sometimes it makes sense to engage specialists.

Our team has closed hundreds of millions of dollars of deals.


  • SALES AS A SERVICE - Plug our experts and our systems into your company for automated growth. We will design, build, and manage campaigns for your business resulting in a surge of revenue growth. In most cases this is more affordable than hiring your own sales staff. 


  1. WE DEPLOY OUR SALES EFFORTS ON YOUR BEHALF - We launch a dedicated sales campaign for your company using our team. Using either a list of leads you provide or a list we create using our Lightning Rod Leads program, we reach out to your prospects to generate interest, set up meetings, and close deals.
  2. WE CRAFT SCRIPTS AND OBJECTION HANDLING BASED IN PSYCHOLOGY - Psychology is a powerful tool in the sales effort. Our team understands the importance of not only what is said, but how it is presented and positioned. Our objection handling process is deeply rooted in human psychology. It is designed to nuture the relationship and build trust while moving the conversation forward towards a close. 
  3. WE ARE YOUR VOICE AND PART OF YOUR TEAM - We approach prospects as a member of your team. With your company's voice, embracing your core values, we establish relationships with the prospects that result in them purchasing your offering. The system works because we aren't just consultants, we consider ourselves partners, and we take pride in our work. This shows in our conversations with prospects and results in more deals closing.
  4. WE LEVERAGE PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGIES - Utilizing Sales as a Service automatically gets you access to the Speed Run Methodology. This allows our team to be maximally effective in driving results for your organization. We can also leverage the Lightning Rod Leads system for a soup-to-nuts solution.
  5. WE REPRESENT YOUR OFFERING WITH AUTHORITY - Salespeople that represent a product with strength & confidence are far more successful than those that present an offer meekly or with insecurity. This is a skill set that takes years to develop, and all of our team exhibits mastery in this department. Just by leveraging our depth of experience in how to represent an offer and sell based on value, you may notice a spike in sales. 
  6. WE NEGOTIATE WITH WORLD-CLASS MASTERY - Our executive team has authored negotiation courses that have been taught in five (5) countries around the world. These negotiation techniques are what separate the top 5% of salespeople from all the rest. Negotiation is critical - absolutely critical - to the sales process. It doesn't matter how well you pitch, how good your marketing material is, or even how good your product is - if your salesperson doesn't know how to negotiate effectively, you will lose deals and leave money on the table. In many cases we can drive up profit margins across the same number of sales just by negotiating more effectively. This benefit cannot be understated, as it's an area we truly excel.
  7. WE FOLLOW-UP AND WE ARE RELENTLESS - When it comes to "polite persistence," we exhibit mastery. Most prospects only respond to sales efforts after 8 - 12 unique points of contact. To be successful one must be relentless with follow-up activities, but do so in a way that doesn't scare off the prospect or diminish how they feel about you or your brand. Our team has a systematic approach to keep things fresh and stay front-of-mind. 
  8. WE ARE POWERFUL CLOSERS - We nurture the relationship all the way through the contract process, if that's what you're after. Our team consists of negotiation experts and contract masters. While we aren't lawyers, we are a top-tier contract negotiator having inked deals with Fortune 500's such as Microsoft, Accenture, Walmart, etc. and government institutes like Department of Labor, Department of Energy, VA-FSC, and others. We close deals with articulate gravitas, focusing heavily on achieving the best price point under ideal terms.

Our process provides you with a ready-to-go team of sales experts that are seasoned professionals. They represent the best and brightest in the industry. Our goal is to deliver fast, profitable revenue growth more effectively than anyone else on the market. As your company achieves accelerated growth you will naturally use our team more, resulting in a long-term relationship that benefits both parties. At the same time, most of our partners save money by using our resources vs. hiring more internal sales staff.


Here's what entrepreneurs have said about our results

"I was overwhelmed with leads after two months. For the first time since starting my company I had to turn off the campaign because we couldn't keep up! This is a game changer!"

"The team consisted of some of the best salespeople I've ever met. You're like Jedi masters of getting the deal closed. We're going to experience 30% growth this year at this rate!"

"I've worked with consultants before, but not like this. The team plugged into our organization and created results in 3 months. Faster than internal hires!"


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