Leads Lightning Rod

Building a solid, reliable, up-to-date list of quality leads is much more difficult than most people think. List development is key to your success. 

Our team has a powerful 3-step system to ensure success.

  • LEADS LIGHTNING ROD METHODOLOGY - How much would your profits skyrocket if you could double or triple your number of high-quality leads each month? This turnkey system drives them to your business like a lightning rod. Results typically double the number of leads per month.


The Importance of Quality 
The success of your sales effort depends entirely on the quality of your list of leads. Bad lists damage your reputation, confuse your prospects, and demoralize your sales staff.

Leads List Development
The process starts with our team combing through real-world sources of prospects that hit the mark. This includes social media, websites, and databases we've already gathered. We do not purchase lists unless there is no other choice - that is the least reliable way to locate prospects. Throughout the process we leverage proprietary technology and tools that automate the harvesting process, saving ourselves time and saving you money. 

Verification and Quality Assurance
We verify the prospect name, company name, phone number e-mail address, URL, and other important details as required for your campaign. We make sure the company is still in business and determine the best point of contact for your product or service. This process takes additional time, of course, but we use software to achieve greater accuracy and save time. Our goal is to create a list that's nearly 100% accurate.


  1. LEADS HARVEST - Use real-world sources to gather lists of leads. Avoid purchasing lists, which are fraught with error, and build a strong, targeted list based on real-world data.
  2. IDENTIFY BEST CONTACTS - Having a list of companies is only part of the battle. Our team will identify the best individual(s) to target, hitting your target audience. This may involve additional research or even scrubbing contacts off the list entirely, but is an important part of the process. And it requires the right kind of resource working it to ensure accuracy.
  3. VERIFICATION AND QUALITY ASSURANCE - Finally, we go through the list verifying the data we've gathered is correct. This is a laborious part of the process, but arguably the most important. Time spent in this phase saves your team frustration and protects the reputation of your brand.


Here's what entrepreneurs have said about our results

"I was overwhelmed with leads after two months. For the first time since starting my company I had to turn off the campaign because we couldn't keep up! This is a game changer!"

"The team consisted of some of the best salespeople I've ever met. You're like Jedi masters of getting the deal closed. We're going to experience 30% growth this year at this rate!"

"I've worked with consultants before, but not like this. The team plugged into our organization and created results in 3 months. Faster than internal hires!"


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