Growth Acceleration

Entrepreneurs at the top of a mountain didn't just land there. Growing a company is hard work, like climbing a mountain.

Introducing an easier way to grow your company and save money in the process.

  • THE SPEED RUN SALES METHODOLOGY - An out-of-the-box, step-by-step sales process to capitalize on accelerated growth, regardless of the size of your business or the industry you're in. Systematically double or triple your profits in 6 - 12 months with this ready-to-go system.


The Fastest Way to Drive Results
Sales processes all over the world are fundamentally inconsistent. The lack of consistency produces haphazard results that business owners can rarely count on. For most, a really strong sales team can mean the difference between massive success and abject failure. That's why our group pioneered the Speed Run Methodology - the fastest way to achieve stellar results. 

Proven, Results-Oriented Methodology
The Speed Run Methodology combines technology with best-of-breed sales efforts. By leveraging specific suites of technology in a very disciplined manner, our group can create results unlike any standard sales team. Beyond just technology, we incorporate time-tested psychology into the program to achieve results with prospects - this is based on thousands and thousands of real-world campaigns so we know the techniques work. If you're looking for a reliable, consistent way to create qualified meetings, this is the ticket.

What Results will I Get?
Meetings. Lots and lots of meetings. The goal of this program is to create meetings for your team to pitch to and close deals. If you have a team that's good at pitching your offering, chances are they are falling down in the prospecting process and setting up new opportunities. This solves that problem.

We wanted to create more sales meetings with the Speed Run system. Within 2 months I had to say, "Stop, turn off the system! It's too much and we can't handle all the new opportunities you're bringing us!"

How Does it Work?
It's very straight-forward. When you engage the Speed Run Methodology we meet with you to understand your needs, build your profile in our meeting-generating software, work with you on the messaging to prospects, and turn it on. When prospects engage our team meets with them by phone as part of the qualification process. Meetings with qualified prospects are then scheduled for you automatically. 

What Products or Services are Good Fits for the Speed Run?
The sweet spot is a product or service that sells for $10,000 or greater. That's not to say it doesn't work for offerings that sell for less, but it's a balance between the dollar value of the sale and volume. 

How Do I Incorporate this into my Company?
There are a variety of options. Some groups use the Speed Run as a supplemental tool to drive additional meetings. Some companies use the Speed Run as their only tool to set up meetings after they see it in action. It's entirely up to you. If you need additional meetings, this has proven to be the most reliable strategy we've seen to make it happen.


Here's what entrepreneurs have said about our results

"I was overwhelmed with leads after two months. For the first time since starting my company I had to turn off the campaign because we couldn't keep up! This is a game changer!"

"The team consisted of some of the best salespeople I've ever met. You're like Jedi masters of getting the deal closed. We're going to experience 30% growth this year at this rate!"

"I've worked with consultants before, but not like this. The team plugged into our organization and created results in 3 months. Faster than internal hires!"


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